About the Fort Dadhikar

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the
course of history" - Mahatma Gandhi

Fort Dadhikar, a beautiful combination of beauty of nature, graceful history of thousand years and the reflection of ancient Indian Art and Culture. It is situated on the top of small mount of more than 100 feet from ground level and 342 meters from the sea level. This mount rests in the lap of Aravali Hills amidst the dense forest and reaching there would be an unforgettable experience in all seasons.

  • Vijay Mandir
  • Siliserh Lake
  • Bala Qila
  • Abhaneri

We're Not Satisfied Until You're Satisfied

While visiting Fort Dadhikar, you will feel transported to a different era, going back centuries and will see how Indian culture and traditions have gradually evolved. Despite this change in era, you will find all the modern amenities here, albeit presented inthe ancient style.

Apart from this, you will feel nature itself curing you. Healthyand un-polluted air on the hillside increases your metabolism and helps yourbody absorb all the Panchtatavasor the five vital elements of nature that thehuman body is made of, namely the Earth, Sky, Water, Air and Fire. You will not only find yourself in the midst of nature but will become an integral part of it.

From dawn to dusk, one can hear musical and melodious sounds ofpeacocks and nightingales coming from the dense and mountainousforest. You may also hear some stanzas of folk songs being sung bysome solitary reaper at a distant place. Thus we see that Fort Dadhikaris a heavenly place if you like to spend time in the serenity that can only be found close to nature.