Hotels in Alwar

Dadhikar is one of the best hotels in Alwar. It has a widespread and passionate following amongst a large discerning crowd that comes here from all over the world. The city can, however, get quite congested and noisy and many travellers now prefer to stay outside its gates. Whenever you decide to come and wherever you decide to stay, you will find many 5-star hotels in Alwar that will fit your requirements for a rewarding visit to this ancient city.

best places to stay in Alwar

During your trip to Alwar, you will also find many interesting tourist attractions in and around Alwar that make it a fascinating place to visit and explore including unspoiled natural forests, historical forts, pre-historical rock paintings and local markets and restaurants. Lets take a look at how to get to Alwar, what to do there and where to stay.

How to get to Alwar

Travelling to Alwar is very easy. The best way to reach there is by car as the Delhi to Alwar road trip is a lot of fun and takes only about 3 and a half hours. Since Alwar is the first big town in Rajasthan when you come from Delhi, the route is quite scenic and there are many convenient rest stops along the way.

There is no airport in Alwar but you can also get there by train. The train station in Alwar is quite busy and there are plenty of good trains that connect it to most major cities in the area. There are also a number of good busses that serve Alwar including luxury busses that have video screens, charging ports and sleeper seats.

Things to do in Alwar

Upon arrival in Alwar, it is advisable to begin your your with a walk around town. This will help you orient yourself and acclimatize to the local culture, pace and general outlook of the people here. Depending on your interest, you can peruse the markets, go in for a nice meal or stop by at a temple before you start exploring the major attractions of Alwar as enumerated below:

Hajipur Dadhikar Rock Paintings: The best and most important place to visit near Alwar is the site of the ancient cave paintings that were found nearby. These are authentic prehistoric artworks of the people who inhabited these lands some thousands of years before the Egyptian and Greek civilizations appeared.

Sariska Tiger Reserve: Another tourist place in Alwar for nature lovers and families, the Sariska Reserve is famous for its pristine natural beauty, rich ecosystem and wide variety of wild creatures that can be spotted by observant eyes. Visitors can enter the reserve in their own vehicle or rent a jeep to explore the inner recesses of this natural wonderland.

Dadhikar Fort: A well-preserved and expertly restored monument dating back at least 1100 years, Dadhikar Fort now has a luxury resort located inside its gates where travellers can stay for a singularly memorable experience. The lavishly renovated domiciles are festooned with every convenience imaginable and form the perfect base from where you can explore the entire region.

best hotel in Alwar

Alwar City Palace: Located in the middle of the city, this palace is an important landmark and revered symbol of the city of Alwar. It was built in the 18thcentury and perfectly blends Rajput and Mughal architectural styles along with a manmade lake to make an impressive superstructure that is interesting to experience.

Talvriksh: Near Alwar, there is a naturally occurring hot spring that is said to have magical curative properties. The water of the spring is naturally hot and rich in mineral content that nurtures the skin and cures many ailments. There are also a lot of stories about how the spring was formed and the miracles that occurred here.

Besides these well known tourist spots, there are a lot of other Temples, Havelis and natural formations here that are worth visiting in and around Alwar. Perhaps the best way to spend your time in Alwar is simply to look around and explore this quaint Rajasthani town on your own.

Where to Stay in Alwar

While there are many hotels and resorts in Alwar, for a truly special experience you should check out the option of staying at the Dadhikar Fort located about half an hour from the city. As discussed, this is an actual historical fort that has been fully renovated into a heritage hotel that offers all the luxuries in the world cocooned by solid ancient architecture.

Hotels in Alwar

Staying at the Dadhikar Fort is like staying inside an artwork or a museum full of fascinating objects and ornaments that each tell a captivating story. The property also boasts of an impressive rooftop restaurant where folk singers and dancers perform and has impeccable service that will make you feel like a king, albeit for a day. It is this experience that makes Dadhikar Fort one of the best hotels in Alwar.