Must-See Tourist Places near Delhi within 200 kms

If you are looking for a great tourist place within 200 Kms of Delhi, may we suggest the sublime state of Rajasthan in general and a famous but underrated heritage property in particular that is a treat to visit? The ancient fort of Dahikar is perched atop a hill for commanding views of the surrounding areas and is over 1100 years old. The fort was used by royalty and their guests but now, you can stay inside this monument for an exquisite journey of discovery and exploration.

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From Delhi, Dadhikar is only about 190 Kms, which takes about 3 and a half hours to cover. The road is fantastic and you can make the journey even faster if you start early and miss the morning traffic in Delhi. The fort is located near the town of Alwar that also has an interesting history. Today, Alwar is a large and well-developed city that has all the facilities that tourists need. This is the ideal place t visit near Delhi, especially in the winter for a great solo journey, family vacation or group outing.

What to do

A soon as you reach Dadhikar Fort, you will be mesmerized by its majestic high elevation and its ancient architectural style. The entire fort exudes a quiet and dignified charm that is very endearing and inviting. The rooms all have individual names and offer unique and interesting living spaces that can be utilized in many different ways. Many of them have interesting features like interconnecting rooms or multi-level architecture. Many have attached sit out balconies where you can watch the sun set.

Once you are checked in, you can go on a perfunctory tour of the fort with a guide who can show you around the mammoth place and tell you about its rich history. After a tour, a great lunch and some rest, if you want to venture out, there are a great many pace shat you can visit. Lets take a look at some of the most important places to visit around Dadhikar fort.

Cave Paintings: The prehistoric cave paintings found by archaeologists just a few kilometers from the fort are truly fascinating and are said to be over 6000 years old. If you travel to Dadhikar Fort, you should definitely check out these world renowned art works near the village of Hajji while the cave system that they were found it is interesting in its own right.

City of Alwar:  The ancient city of Alwar has a lot to offer, both in the way of modern markets and restaurants and in the form of temples, forts and palaces. The City Palace is one such site that is worth checking out. You can also visit the many gardens and havelis in Alwar proper or take a stroll in the downtown area to meet some of the locals to better understand their laid-back attitude and culturally rich perspective.

Sariska: The famous wildlife sanctuary of Sariska is within driving distance of Dadhikar and is known as one of the best nature reserves in India. It is an apt place to spot a tiger or other such big game but the dense forests of Sariska are also full of interesting birds, plants, reptiles and mammals. The overall effect of being in these jungles produces a sense of calm and peace that is very invigorating. Deep in the forests of Sariska, there is also an ancient temple that is a must visit place for explorers.

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Where to stay

Dadhikar Fort is where you should stay when you come to these parts. Luckily, the fort has been renovated into a luxury hotel that is a pleasure to stay in and experience The fort has very large rooms with multiple bedrooms and living spaces that can comfortable accommodate even large families and big groups depending on the room you choose.

The décor of all the rooms has been skillfully curated to create an authentic look and feel for how life was back in it heyday. Tastefully placed art, classical furniture and recreated ancient fixtures adorn the rooms and hallways of the fort of a truly authentic travel experience. The carpets, bedcovers and linen in the rooms also carry interesting patters that are made in the exemplary local style.

The Dadhikar Fort also has an exceptional food menu and large spaces for banquets and parties. Its location allows great views of the hills and lush greenery that surrounds the structure for a truly royal affair. The fort also has a rooftop restaurant where various cultural shows and performances are organized on a daily basis. Many of the art forms are derived from the times of the rajas and are virtually unchanged.