Things To Do in Alwar

Places To Visit in Alwar

The famous heritage hotel in Alwar, Fort Dadhikar is one of the most stunning heritage properties that truly reflect the authentic forms of Indian Culture and Arts. Surrounded by Aravalli hills on all sides and lush green forests nearby, this hotel is a complete paradise for nature lovers. All the basic requirements of tourists are fulfilled with a stay in here.

  • Bala Kila

    It is be said that the “Bala Kila”(Nikumbh Mahal) was built by Alghu Rai Nikumbh in 1049 AD. The Bala Fort is perched on the most prominent hill of Aravallis range which explains the tales of the rich history of the city. It is the massive medieval fort which various rooms and towers situated on the hill hardly 6KM from Fort Dadhikar.

  • City Place

    City Place And Museum located 6 km from Fort Dadhikar in the heart of Alwar City. It massive gates and tank lined by beautifully symmetrical chain of Ghat of with four pavilions on each side and two at each end would welcome you.

  • Vijay Mandir

    Vijay Mandir Situated 8km away from Fort Dadhikar, built by Maharaja Jey Singh in 1918 AD. A picturesque lake overlooking the place makes it is fascinating sight.

  • Siliserh Lake

    Siliserh Lake Located 20 kms from Fort Dadhikar by road & 10KM. while trekking the enchanting Siliserh Lake was built in 1845 AD by Maharaj Vinay Singh for his queen Shila. The lake was built constructing an earthen dam between two hills to store the water of a small tributary or river Ruparel and you can enjoy boating her all through out the year and can have refreshment etceteras

  • Jai Samand lake

    Jai Samand lake situated about 14 KM away from Fort Dadhikar. Jaisamand Lake is a beautiful artificial lake constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1910 AD; a popular spot for outing and picnics. During monsoons, sprawling greenery all around makes it a visual treat. This place is easily accessible by road from Alwar. Jai Samand Lake is ideal for water sports. It makes a great angling site.

  • Sariska

    Sariska, located at 40 km away from Fort Dadhikar, is possibly one of the most visited park in India.. The reserve was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1958 and came under the “Project Tiger” as a Sariska Tiger Reserve in 1979. The park covers quite a large area of 800 square kilometers, 480 square kilometers of which from the core area of the national park. It is located among the Aravalli hill ranges in the Alwar district of Rajasthan . Due to the presence of monuments of religious important located within the park boundaries.

  • Ancient Kankwari

    The ancient Kankwari Fort lies in the buffer area of the Sariska sanctuary about 21 km from its main entry point. Though the fort is lesser known but it holds special significance in the history of medieval India. It dates back to Mughal rule in India. It is believed that Dara Shikoh, the brother of Mughal Kmperor Aurangzeb, served his lifelong exile here. Aurangzeb had dispelled his brother from the capital after a serious tiff and commanded a lifelong exile for him here which was specially built by Aurangzeb for the purpose. It is believed that nearly thousands of soldiers were ordered to stay at the fort round the clock to guard Dara Shikoh's activities and to ensure that he does not flee.

  • Ghana Bird

    Ghana Bird Santuary located t a distance of 100 kms from The Fort Dadhikar, the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, is one of the finest water-bird sanctuaries in the world. The 28.73 sq km lake and wetland was artificially created by the Maharaja of Bharatpur in the 19th century. By building small dykes and dams and diverting water from an irrigation canal, he converted this low lying area into a fine wild fowl shooting preserve. In a few years, the new wetland surrounded by marginal forests was able to support thousands of water-birds.

  • Abhaneri

    Abhaneri At a distance of 60 km form Fort Dadhikar Abhaneri is situated on the Alwar –Jaipur High way, which was founded by King Raja Chand in the 9th century AD.

  • Spritual

    Spritual Places Near Dadhikar like Karni Mata Temple-10 km., Chuhrsiddh-l0km., Gurvaji-25km., Talvrikash-30km., Bharthrihari-35 km.,Neelkanth-50km., Pandupole-55 km., Virat Nagar-60km.

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